Social Media

Social media is a twist in the field of internet marketing. There are many companies and organizations that were working on their own website to promote your business, now turning to other platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and VK too.

 Successful Internet marketing campaign is measured in the number of visitors, purchases completed form and if the site offers e-commerce services. The growing popularity of social networking has changed the trend of internet marketing and online campaigns. And this is one of the major social media players at the moment it hits one billion users worldwide. This Article is posted  Buy Samsung Mobile In Pakistan

The Internet search companies such as Alexa and Com Score metrics have shown that Facebook users spend most of their time in social activity and not other websites. So being a marketing person, that surely is why you are reading this article, you can be left behind in this changing scenario. The trend of using Internet has also changed consumer habits.

The interaction of the customers or end users is very important and most successful campaigns in India and Pakistan are mainly aimed at interactivity at all levels. And big businesses and companies have changed their marketing strategies and expanded its reach to social media.

The value of a platform is analyzed from the number of interactive sessions. Or in simple words we can say that the time spent. As Facebook launched, the most active were the following categories;

Movie Stores


Tags Music

Such companies are still a major player in the consumer market in Facebook. And a lot of business grabbed this social media activity. Following the rhythm of the products and businesses, big brands such as Nestle, Unilever and Pepsi have also started their social media marketing in Pakistan.

Vendors and companies have realized the potential of Facebook marketing and after a long time of its neighboring countries like India, Nepal and China. But nevertheless, the main leading companies are putting their efforts.

Along with the leading brands, many small businesses have started their profit with the increasing use of Facebook in Pakistan. Many people in Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Islamabad are advertising on Facebook to sale items, laptops, tablet PCs, cell phones and other items such as shirts, watches, etc.

 The benefits are great for business to consumer companies, but even the leaders of Pakistan and only individuals are enjoying the benefits of social media. Let me give you an example of a wellness center.

This is Karachi Shara Health Institute is using a Facebook page makeup skin to maintain and engage customers who are related to skin issues. And using Facebook pages to increase customer interactivity. And especially messaging Facebook pages has increased the possibilities for local companies in a broader aspect.


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