Mobile Communications: leverage technology

10 years ago no one would have imagined in their wildest dreams that will come a time when mobile phones will be achievable, even for a rickshaw driver. Everything will be accessible on mobile devices. Bills were paid, the money would be transferred online purchases made and the data is stored in a single, compact device called a mobile phone. This is what we call a revolution in mobile technology. This radical change in fact has led us down a storm and changed our lives forever.

Mobile communication is now growing rapidly 

The limits to what a buy mobile phone online can do have become unfathomable. Their horizons are constantly expanding and the bridge between people and technology is shrinking. If everything from news to sports, weather, social networking was once available online, all of them are available on mobile phones too. That’s it for the mobile technology boom. Today everyone is connected to thousands of millions of users who do 80% of the world population. This means that only 20% of the world population has remained intact since this metamorphosis mobile. This type of increase is unprecedented in human history so far.

Speaking of Pakistan

we are the second largest mobile market in the world after China. We fastest growing market in terms of net additional subscribers per month. The best part is that this qualitative leap not only comes from the urban sector, but also the rural sector. GSM technology has become common and also have the highest consumption per user talk time. In line with the cultural diversity of India, our phones are also multi-language and multi-regional.

The introduction of value added services

The introduction of value added services (VAS) is guilty of this drop in mobile technology. Whether it’s music, literature, television or shopping, mobile VAS has touched all aspects of our lives. Music downloads, ring tones, games captivating innovative, GPRS, missed call alerts, mobile banking etc. are part of the package of VAS offering moving companies. It will not be wrong to say that these VAS services have become a USP for companies selling mobile phones. This mobile entertainment market has led to an evolution of mobile networks. Undoubtedly, mobile service providers are making the most of this trend and go laughing to their banks.

According to trade analysts 

According to trade analysts, the next big thing and hit the mobile phone market is a social network. Social media has become a global center to discuss issues affecting the lives of people around the world. The client has become a focal point around which the whole world of marketing and spin campaigns.

The social web has simplified

The social web has simplified the mobile connected life and different people. It has allowed a model of two-way communication and provided a platform to discuss global issues, events and brands. At a time when most of the Internet connection of people on cell phones instead of their computers, the marketing world is also making the best use of this platform for your advertising and marketing campaigns.

More over

Moreover, in addition to the mobile service providers, is that developers of mobile applications that are consummating this trend and find new and innovative solutions for customers. Indeed, it is time for companies to application developers to leverage technology and put to optimum use.

As Head of Business A3Logics

As Head of Business A3Logics, the author is happy to evangelize the benefits of such eminent content for software outsourcing companies emerging. With over 7 years of experience in managing global campaigns for companies custom application development, the author now shares his technical vision and leadership articles with the business community, helping them improve their online business more effectively possible.


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